terrify . . . terrorize . . . terrorise . . .  frighten . . .  fright . . .
scare . . . affright . . . panicky . . . panicked . . . panic-stricken . . . panic-struck




What’s another reason to integrate to VoIP?


A VoIP PBX can help you unite your remote offices and telecommuters with your central office by integrating all locations into a single manageable phone network with detailed call reports. Employees can place, receive, and transfer calls from any location as though they were in the same office.

Reduce Travel Expenses

With a hosted VoIP PBX, it becomes easy to access the advanced features of your phone system from a remote location. All you or your employees need to do to connect to your office PBX from anywhere is connect a pre-configured VoIP phone to a broadband Internet connection. You’ll be able to immediately utilize the same digital phone tools available at the office, with no need to waste time and money on a lengthy commute.

Manage Remote Employees

Hosted VoIP service lets you place international calls through the Internet, drastically reducing the rates for reaching cities all around the world. You’re guaranteed to only pay a fraction of the cost you’d pay through traditional phone service. Check out this case study to learn more about how VoIP international rates can help slash your phone bill.

Boost Hiring Potential

When telecommuting becomes a part of your corporate culture, it opens up a world of new hiring opportunities. When hiring telecommuters, you are able to pull from a greater talent pool. This can drastically increase your chances of finding the right person for any position you’re looking to fill.

Save Money on Office Space

Today’s business VoIP service makes the virtual office more attractive than ever before. After switching to a hosted VoIP PBX, you’ll be able to work as a team no matter where you and your employees are located. Even if you’re dispersed across the nation, the seamless hosted VoIP call transfers will lead customers to believe that you’re all working from one office. With no need for an established location, you’ll be able to save on office space, utilities, and supplies!

It’s time.

Time to say farewell to that tired, old, ball and chain ‘premise-based’ phone system!



About MyVivid

At Vivid Solutions-Arizona's leader in small business technology solutions-we pride ourselves on catering to that demanding client and providing top notch business to business services. We are located  in the heart of the Scottsdale Airpark and have been serving Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Paradise Valley, and the surrounding Phoenix area with reliable business telephone systems (including VoIP), commercial audio/video, fiber optics and cabling. We insist on providing exceptional customer service and equally high quality work. You can relax when you choose Vivid Solutions because we take care of every step of your Arizona project. We are a licensed contractor and we're fully insured and bonded. Call Vivid Solutions 480.374.1338

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